Alaskan Hunting Guide in Prison for Wildlife Crime Spree

Alaskan Hunting Guide in Prison for Wildlife Crime Spree
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Former Alaskan hunting guide, Stephen Jeremy Hicks, is known for his long history of violating wildlife laws. His crimes span from 2015 to 2019, prompting officials to refer to these violations as a “wildlife crime spree.”

Hicks’ most recent infraction occurred in 2018 after guiding hunters on a sheep hunt near Max Lake on the west side of Cook Inlet. However, he failed to obtain a BLM permit to commercially hunt on federal land. This incident led to a federal conviction of illegally providing big-game guiding services, along with multiple other offenses of similar nature. These violations earned Hicks six months in prison after accepting a plea deal. In addition to his prison sentence, Hicks also agreed to pay $13,460 in restitution and forfeit a SuperCub plane. According to Hicks’ attorney, Kevin Fitzgerald, the convicted hunting guide began serving his prison sentence in late July at the Federal Correctional Institution in Sheridan, Oregon.

The Alaskan resident received his…

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