A few minutes after doubting luck, a teen catches a giant catfish, the father says.

Teen catches giant catfish minutes after doubting her luck, father says
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A 15-year-old girl caught an over-height catfish on Friday the 13th.

According to Southwest News Service (SWNS), Hannah Truscott went fishing with her father Paul, 51, in Essex County, England, on the day of superstition.

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The pair traveled over 100 miles from Derbyshire’s home to the county’s White Lake.

Hannah Truscott, 15, went fishing with her father, Paul, 51, in Essex County, England. Her father told Southwest News Agency that she was initially suspicious of her luck due to a superstition dated Friday the 13th.

According to her teenage father, she was suspicious of their fishing trip because it was Friday the 13th of August.

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“She didn’t expect anything to be caught because of the date, but she said that not everyone would be so unlucky,” Truscott told SWNS.

Hannah Truscott (left) and her dad Paul Truscott (right) support a catch of 96 pounds and 4…

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