3 Sleeper Tackle Fails That Will Cost You Fish

3 Sleeper Tackle Fails That Will Cost You Fish
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The little things that can go wrong on the water and cost you a fish are practically innumerable. Some—like a strong steelhead running you into a logjam—might be unavoidable. Many, however, are angler error. Bad knots, for example, cost people fish all the time. Either you chose a knot that’s too weak for the application or you failed to tie a strong knot properly, but regardless, that’s your bad. Not understanding how to properly set your reel’s drag is another common mistake, as is getting too excited and setting the hook on a topwater frog bite too early.

I could go on, but this isn’t about fixing mistakes that fade with more practice and experience. There are a few issues that arise that can be easily missed or overlooked by even the most seasoned fishermen. Here are the three most likely to bite you at the worst possible time, and I know because they’ve all bitten me at some point.

Damaged Line

I’d make the argument that…

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