137-Pound Cubera Snapper Could Shatter A Spearfishing World Record

Massive 137-Pound Cubera Snapper Caught In Texas Could Shatter A Spearfishing World Record
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iStockphoto / umbertoleporini

  • A Texas man spearfishing out of Port Aransas near Corpus Christi shot and caught a potential new world record Cubera Snapper
  • Spearfishing world records are kept separately from IGFA fishing world records (rod and reel) and this newly caught fish would smash the existing world record
  • Angler Braden Sherron’s fish weighed in at well over 10 pounds more than the existing spearfishing (gun, not sling) record, a 2006 record that was set in Brazil

Angler Braden Sherron was spearfishing off Port Aransas, Texas when he shot and hauled in a potential new fishing world record. More specifically, it would be a new spearfishing world record for Cubera Snapper as spearfishing records and IGFA fishing world records (caught by rod and reel) are kept separately.

This species of snapper grows to gargantuan sizes and they fight like a raging bull that just got stung by a wasp. To top it off, they have some of the gnarliest teeth out there with huge protruding…

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