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2021 Stand Up Fishing Kayak Buyer’s Guide

Kayak fishing has revolutionized the way anglers are able to fish in many parts of the world. Instead of having to rely on larger boats or their own two feet to get them to the best possible fishing spots, a quality fishing kayak will allow you to reach areas of certain waterways that have ...

Tips for Fall Crankbait Fishing

When the water temperature starts to drop in the early fall as the air cools and the leaves begin to lose their lush green color, crankbaits are often the best choice you can use when it comes to bass fishing. There are a number of reasons why fall crankbait fishing is a great option once the ...

What do bass eat?

Bass are known to be opportunistic feeders that will eat nearly anything they are capable of catching at certain times of the year. To answer the question of what do bass eat usually depends on a number of factors that include weather patterns, water temperatures, spawning activity and much more. ...

Bass Fishing Tips for Beginners

Over the last year, more and more people have been turning to the outdoors for new forms of adventure and excitement. The popularity of fishing has grown exponentially and there is no shortage of lakes, rivers, and coastal waters in the United States. If you’re one of these new anglers who is ...

10 Best Bass Lures for Beginners

When it comes to bass fishing, there are thousands of lures to choose from that can be very overwhelming for those just getting into the sport. We put together this list of the top 10 best bass lures for beginners as a quick guide for those looking for our recommendations on what to buy that can ...

Summer Bass Fishing Tips & Techniques

Summer bass fishing was a magical time for me as a kid - school was out, the weather was great, and my brother and I would sit on the banks of the local waterways for hours waiting on anything to come along and snack on the worms we had suspended a few feet below our bobbers. My worry-free mind ...

10 Tips for Introducing Kids to Fishing 

Fishing is a pastime that’s enjoyed by a vast majority of people who learned the basics of how to wet a line from a parent or grandparent. Those who love fishing are often eager to get their young children or grandchildren out on the water to teach them in the same way they were taught.  While ...