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The Ultimate Guide to Spybait for Bass Fishing

Spybait fishing can be a bit of a mystery to some fishermen. If you’re looking to catch big bass out in the waters, then learning about the spybaiting technique can add a bit of variety to your skills and help you catch more bass when you’re out on the waters. Getting the right lure is important, ...

9 of the Best Bass Bait for Ponds & Small Lakes

Man, do I love pond fishing for largemouth bass and I have been experimenting with the best bass bait for ponds and small lakes since I was a child.  This is how I grew up and still how I catch most of my fish.  As a kid my parents would drop me off at my grandparents house for the summer.  They ...

Spotted Bass vs Largemouth Bass Fishing Guide

Either way you look at spotted bass vs largemouth bass, they are some of the most popular game fish an angler can chase.  They are big, mean, and acrobatic.  Bass are instinctive hunters and strike aggressively when they see food.  That goes for just about any food.  Two species of bass that are ...

Best Types of Jigs for Bass Fishing

If I had to choose one bass bait for the rest of my life, it would be a bass jig. Jigs are one of the most versatile bass lures out there. A jig is a hook, with a weighted head, usually hosting a brush guard to prevent snagging, and a skirt. Jigs are fished by using a trailer on the hook. Jigs can ...

2021 Ultimate Bass Lure Selection Chart

As a rookie fisherman I remember very vividly how overwhelming it was to try and remember which of the best bass lures paired best with what type of rod and reel, along with which line and size was recommended. Even today I find myself regularly referencing the below chart for quick reminders on ...

2021 Guide to the Best Crankbaits for Bass Fishing Tips

Crankbaits are a staple of tournament fisherman and hobbyist alike world wide, but I’ll be the first to admit, bass fishing in 2021 can be intimidating. You walk into any fishing supply store and look around and it is not hard to get confused on all the options, even for an expert angler. There are ...

Smallmouth vs Largemouth Bass Facts

Distinguishing between a smallmouth vs largemouth bass and which one to fish for is a common question among beginner anglers. Growing up I looked forward to two distinctly different fishing experiences every summer.  My grandparents lived in the Ozark Mountains of Southern Missouri.  Grandpa was a ...

The Ultimate Guide to Swimbaits for Bass Fishing

If you are going bass fishing, a key decision will be choosing the right type of lure to use. This guide explores everything that you need to know about swimbait lures including what they are and when they could be useful.  Are you in the process of choosing the right bait for your bass fishing ...

The Ultimate Guide to Skirted Jigs for Bass Fishing

Catching any fish can be rewarding, but it’s even more enjoyable when you’re reeling in big fish. For this, it’s a good idea to turn to skirted jigs, which are not only capable of catching the biggest fish in the water but can also be used year-round in a wide variety of water conditions and ...

Fishing Rod Action Guide for Beginners

If you're a new angler, you're probably wondering what fishing rod action is. In simple words, action is the extent to which a rod bends when one exerts pressure on its tip. You must note that the action rating also includes the speed at which the rod resumes its natural position after bending. ...