Whitefish Record Broken—Again

A man holds up a large whitefish.
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If you’ve ever wanted to hold a state fishing record, targeting whitefish in Indiana might be like going all in with a royal flush at a Vegas poker table. Indiana’s whitefish record has been broken eight times since 2012. Phil Duracz of Chesterson, Indiana, is the latest to hold the title of Hoosier Whitefish King. Duracz caught a 9.34-pound whitefish from Lake Michigan near Portage while fishing on March 6. That toppled the record set in 2019 by 1.65 pounds.

According to Michigan Outdoor News, Duracz spotted the fish on his Garmin Electronics in about 50 feet of water.

“I dropped down my bait (a Berkley 3.5 Power Swimmer rigged on a half-ounce jig head) down there, popped it off the bottom and she ate it,” he told Michigan Outdoor News. “I thought it might be a small lake trout because we caught several of those and lakers tend to fight harder.”

Duracz and his buddy Clint Marler are experienced anglers who have caught several whitefish that were…

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