When To Abandon Your Rut Hunting Plan

When To Abandon Your Rut Hunting Plan
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The danger with rut hunting advice is that it’s often diluted, over-simplified garbage. Well, maybe not garbage, but much of the how-to content built around killing a buck during the rut assumes an awful lot about the audience and the conditions that aren’t always true.

For example, the weather plays a huge role in rut-hunt planning. Pressure from your fellow deer junkies does, too. Then there is the great intangible of just what the actual deer seem to want to do from day to day. It’s not so simple killing a buck in mid-November, and it’s not unusual for something to happen that shows us we should make a U-turn and try a different direction strategy-wise.

Good Does, Bad Does

Founder of The Element Podcast and YouTube channel, Tyler Jones, loves building a rut strategy around doe bedding areas. This tried-and-true style is popular because it works, but it’s not the only way to fill a tag after Halloween.

“I love doe bedding areas because they are consistent, and that…

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