When and Why to Use Certain Hooksets for Bass Fishing

When and Why to Use Certain Hooksets for Bass Fishing
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Not sure the proper vernacular for such a hookset, but anyone who has fished long at all knows this one. This is the one we all love and often deploy in the wrong situations as often as we do the right ones, because this is our natural reaction to feeling a bite. We drop our rod, reel up the slack a little and then hammer the fish. 

This works really well for baits with big, bold, single hooks like football jigs and large Texas rigs, partly because there’s typically a good bit of line out when these bites come. More line means more stretch to account for. It’s also the appropriate hookset for Carolina rigs for the same reason, as long as the leader line and hook selection are strong enough to hold up to this kind of pressure. 

You don’t, however, want to use this hookset with treble-hooked baits, light-wire hooks or light-line situations. So squarebills and drop shots are not good for this kind of hookset for a couple of examples….

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