Trout season changes in Kansas, here’s what to know

Trout season changes in Kansas, here's what to know
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TOPEKA (KSNT) – State wildlife officials say trout season is changing in Kansas following feedback from anglers.

Nadia Marji with the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks (KDWP) said in a press release the 30-year-old trout fishing program will be updated for the purpose of creating program efficiency and improving angler satisfaction. KDWP staff conducted off and on-site interviews with licensed anglers at 25 locations across the state in early 2023.

Changes made to the Kansas 2023-2024 trout season include:

  • Trout fishing waters will be stocked, and the season will begin, on Dec. 1 (as opposed to Nov. 1, so as not to compromise fish health in warmer water often experienced in November)
  • Each trout fishing water will be stocked during the most fished months of the trout season (as opposed to season-wide stockings at indiscriminate times)
  • The season will conclude at the end of March (as opposed to April 15), as only three percent of respondents…

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