The Best Bass Fishing Lures

The Best Bass Fishing Lures
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Thanks to the Nick and Cosma Creme melting some plastic on their stove in 1949 and pouring it into some molds, we all have all these great soft plastics and other soft baits to fish with for bass. A plastic worm is probably the single most effective lure for catching bass that exists. And it all started with a wild idea in a kitchen.

The Creme Wiggle Worm started the entire soft plastic sub section of the fishing tackle industry, and its impact was immediate. The first packs were five worms to a card for $1 and they were sold by mail.


When they showed the product at the Cleveland Sportsmen’s Show in 1951, the distributor sold 9,600 packs in just a few days, and the boom for soft plastics had begun.

Not only did Nick Creme give us the Wiggle Worm, but he also was one of the first to use “national field staff” to test his worms and introduce them to other anglers. A successful business venture that still works today in the bait…

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