State-Record Redbreast Caught During Georgia Bass Tourney

Lester Roberts managed to catch a Georgia state record redbreast.
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An angler fishing the Satilla River managed to catch a new state-record redbreast over the weekend. Lester Robert’s catch weighed in at 1 pound, 12.32 ounces. That beats the old record from 1998 by 1.32 ounces. 

Lester broke the record on May 7. He was fishing in a local bass tournament with long-time friend Whitey Hendrix. “We had put in that morning and started fishing upriver. We had a couple good bass in the livewell and were hoping to pick up a few more,” Lester told Georgia Outdoor News

He was fishing near a bluff with a laydown. That cover provided Lester with a good spot to cast, and that’s where the fish hit his crankbait. 

“I cast up in the limbs in the swift current and was bringing my crankbait back out. That’s when he slammed it,” said Lester. He thought it was a bass until he got it into the boat. “I swung him in the boat, and we couldn’t believe just how big he was. We’d never seen anything like it,” said Lester.


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