SLA Bass Fishing Tournament set for July 23 | Boating

SLA Bass Fishing Tournament set for July 23 | Boating
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HOLDERNESS — The second of three tournaments in the Squam Canoe Classic: Bass Fishing Tournament Series will be on Saturday, July 23, load up the canoe, kayak, float tube or any style of human powered watercraft and head out. 

Seasoned pros alongside the most amateur anglers are going to love this event. The Squam Lakes Association is excited to host their Eighth Annual Squam Canoe Classic, a very approachable bass tournament experience. This fishing series is all about the love of the lake, having a great time on the water, going after the big one, and good-natured sportsmanship. It is an opportunity to test your skills against the fish and each other, and a laid back way to introduce beginners to the art and pleasure of recreational fishing. Quietly ease up to that favorite fishing hole and use all your skill and cunning to hook yourself a winner.

This tournament is open to any vessel completely powered by human effort. It is a catch and…

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