Poche Responds to BASS Panel Decision and DQ

Poche Responds to BASS Panel Decision and DQ
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UPDATE: May 11, 2023 7:00AM CST Keith Poche released another video responding to his BASS Open DQ and BASS putting out a press release about upholding his DQ after Poche’s appeal. See this morning’s second response video here on Facebook.

After BASS sent out their press release to the media yesterday, Keith Poche took to social media to respond to the DQ and subsequent panel decision and their press announcement that got circulated on Wednesday, May 6, 2023. You can watch his video response on his Instagram channel followed up by several posts showing that the dam he jumped was built by TPWD to be jumped to get into that part of Toledo Bend.

Poche was apparently DQed for his day one weight for accessing the area known as the North Toledo Bend WMA via what is called a roller boat ramp that was constructed on the 200 foot embankment.

Poche has stated he will…

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