Outdoors: Montgomery County to ‘opt in’ on youth deer hunting status

Outdoors: Montgomery County to ‘opt in’ on youth deer hunting status
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Although not officially depicted in the DEC’s published map of counties that have passed a law and “opted in” in favor of allowing 12- and 13-year-old youth hunters to hunt deer with a firearm and crossbow under adult supervision during the appropriate seasons, it has indeed passed the Montgomery County Legislature. Sponsored by District 1 Legislator Martin Kelly and seconded by District 9 Legislator Robert Purtell the “opt in” had full board member support, with exception of the members of the board that were not present at the time. This is great news for all up-and-coming youth hunters to get out with their mentors for the full duration of the season.


There has been quite a bit of press regarding the larger than normal gypsy moth outbreak this year, especially in the area from Saratoga Springs to Warrensburg. While driving the Northway on our way home from Maine I couldn’t help but notice how barren of leaves the trees really were; it actually…

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