OPINION | BLAKE RUTHERFORD: It’s indispensable

OPINION | BLAKE RUTHERFORD: It’s indispensable
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From time to time, I remind my students that while politics is pervasive in American life, not everything is political. It is an acknowledgement to Albert Einstein who reportedly opined, “Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.”

On Sept. 2, I ventured to War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock to watch the Arkansas Razorbacks kick off the 2023-24 season versus Western Carolina. As a Little Rock native, War Memorial has always held a special place in my consciousness, not only because of football, although the Razorbacks have played an outsized role in my relationship to a stadium that was meant to serve as a magnet to all four corners of the state.

It is unlikely that then-UA athletic director John Barnhill, who helped spearhead the effort to build the stadium, could have foreseen bands like The Rolling Stones, evangelist and presidential adviser Billy Graham, or entertainer Bob Hope appearing in Little Rock before a packed stadium….

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