“One of the gnarliest things I’ve ever seen done on a wave.”

"One of the gnarliest things I've ever seen done on a wave."
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Just six weeks ago, Italo Ferreira was down for the count.

During his Elimination Round heat at the Corona Open J-Bay, the Brazilian World Champ went down hard after a backhand floater airdrop. His knee took the brunt.

And although it wasn’t too serious – no torn ligaments – it ended Ferreira’s season early, forcing him to pull out of the following event, the Shiseido Tahiti Pro. So, since he’s been on the mend, Ferreira’s been a bit nostalgic, via social media, of his fighting days.

The latest is a clip from, presumably, Bali, which shows Italo racing down the line, pulling into a lengthy tube, dodging a bodyboarder chandelier, then punting a seriously massive air reverse to top it off.

Captioning the clip, Italo simply and fittingly put the head exploding emoji.

And on his Instagram stories, reposting the clip and roughly translated from Portuguese, Italo wrote:

“I miss my crazy things in the water”

And Kelly Slater, posting the clip to his own IG Story, wrote:


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