New IGFA Record Category Created

New IGFA Record Category Created
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Angler Jordan Foster would be a world-record holder if the new All-Tackle Length Junior Category existed when he caught this overslot redfish near Pensacola Beach, Florida. Of course, he needed to measure his catch and submit the details to the IGFA. Foster’s red drum easily surpassed the minimum length requirements of 72 cm (about 28 inches).
Ashley Foster

This one is for the kids.

The International Game Fish Association (IGFA) introduced a new all-tackle length category available for junior anglers to submit their record-breaking fish catches. Open to all anglers 16 and younger, the IGFA wanted kids to experience the thrill of setting world records, while promoting conservation through catch-and-release fishing.

That’s right, kids (and adults) don’t have to kill their catches to be recognized in fishing record books,…

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