My Best Advice to New Tournament Anglers

angler holding up a largemouth bass
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This is something I’ve done way too much during my earlier tournaments and also something I’ve seen my co-anglers do too much. I don’t really know where I got the term “tickle bunny” but essentially, it refers to retying your lures too much. That’s what I call it when I’m trying to get too cute with my lure selection. Whether its your boater or co-angler, if they’re catching fish on some particular lure and you’re not getting many bites, it’s way too tempting to sit in the bottom of the boat and tie on 50 different lures throughout the day.

I’ve had a few co-anglers who have spent more time rigging tackle than they have fishing. In my first few years of tournaments, I felt like I was doing the same thing, too. I was recently talking to someone who was asking all kinds of questions about soft-plastic colors, shapes and totally overanalyzing what they were doing on the water.

In my personal opinion (and I could very well be…

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