MinnYak prepares to host Kayak Fishing Tournament

MinnYak prepares to host Kayak Fishing Tournament
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MADISON LAKE, Minn. (KEYC) -The Minnesota Bass Fishing League, also known as MINNYAK, is hosting their first kayak bass fishing tournament of the season. Approximately 40 anglers will fish five lakes around around the Mankato area.

Participants are excited for the first tournament of the season.

“It’s exciting,” said MinnYak board member Kyle Murray. “I like the Mankato area. That’s where I primarily fish since I live down here. So to be able to get our tournament down here, when we typically go cities or the northern region is exciting.”

Whether you like fishing on a boat or land, fishing on a kayak is a great option.

“I think the biggest things that differentiates kayak bass fishing from boat fishing is the fact that kayak bass fishing is all catch, photo and release, President Joey Vanyo. “There’s no worrying about fish mortality from putting him in a live well and transporting them to and from a weigh-in location.”

“I think kayak fishing brings a more…

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