Maryland Fisherman Lands New State-Record Sheepshead

Maryland record sheepshead
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Like the record he toppled, the angler caught his sheepshead on a soft crab bait in 15 feet of water

Maryland record sheepshead

The new Chesapeake Bay division state-record sheepshead. Summerlin didn’t mention how he injured his finger. MDNR

Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources announced a new state-record sheepshead was caught Sept. 17 from Tangier Sound. Angler Brian Summerlin from the small town of Princess Anne in Somerset County caught the fish from Chesapeake Bay’s eastern shore waters, just north of the Virginia state line.

“I thought it was a black drum at first, due to the way the fish was fighting with some big head shakes, but then I saw it was a very large sheepshead as it surfaced near the boat,” Summerlin said.

Summerlin knew his oversize fish was a contender for a state record after noting the current Maryland fish stats online. He then took his catch to Sea Hawk Sports Center in nearby Pocomoke City,…

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