Man sparks TikTok debate on ‘right’ way to cut English muffins

Man sparks TikTok debate on 'right' way to cut English muffins
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Sometimes it pays to read the directions.

That’s what Sidneyraz, 32, showed his 1.1 million followers in late August when he shared what’s apparently the right way to separate English muffins.

In an ongoing TikTok series where he shares things he wishes he knew before he hit his 30s, Sidneyraz demonstrated that English muffins should be cut in half with a fork.

“You’re supposed to open English muffins up with a fork?” he questioned near the start of his 30-second clip.

The astounded TikTok creator went on to put his reading glasses on before he read the instructions printed on the back of the English muffin package.

“Split using a fork,” he read aloud.

Giving the method a try, Sidneyraz got a fork and proceeded to cut it in half using the utensil’s prongs.

“Fork. Insert it gently. This is gonna be perfect,” he said when he began his demonstration. “This – this is perfect.”

The video garnered more than 6.3 million views…

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