Locals say a Brightline stop in the area could be good

Locals say a Brightline stop in the area could be good
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MELBOURNE, Fla. — While the Brightline high-speed train passenger service continues to move from Orlando to Miami, there are still no planned stops in Brevard County — but some locals have hopes that could change down the line.

What You Need To Know

  • Brightline is a high-speed rail line that connects Orlando and Miami
  • Some business owners along the tracks say they would like to see a station nearby
  • Brightline has not yet announced plans to create additional stations

Local transportation leaders continue their push for a rail station on the Space Coast, and local business owners say they are hoping it comes to be one day.

More than two decades ago, Tony Nardone found himself wondering what was next after getting out of the music business. His father had just moved to Melbourne and opened a cigar ship in downtown.

“I didn’t have passion in the beginning,” Nardone said. “I wish I could have been in that a little longer, and we got into this and it very quickly became…

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