Illinois teen beats world record for pull-ups

Illinois teen beats world record for pull-ups
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Jordan Williams and Kevin S. Held

FAIRVIEW HEIGHTS, Ill. (KTVI) – While many people struggle to do even one full pull-up, a teenager in Illinois has just completed thousands within 24 hours.

Nineteen year-old Brandon Garrett grew up playing several sports and was a serious runner. At one point, he ran 10 miles every morning. A few months after becoming a personal trainer at Club Fitness in O’Fallon, Illinois, Garrett set a new goal.

Garrett wanted to break the world record for the most pull-ups in 24 hours: 8,600. To break it down, Garrett would do 10 pull-ups a minute to get to 5,000 before switching his rep pace.

“Once I’m committed to something, I’m going to get it,” Garrett said.

Nexstar’s KTVI reports he spent eight months training while juggling clients at the gym. During that time he committed 25 hours per week doing pull-ups,…

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