How to Target Big Bass Specifically

How to Target Big Bass Specifically
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We briefly laid out the idea that big bass often isolate. And again, I realize and admit this statement isn’t absolute. I acknowledge an angler can get on a school of fish on a ledge and weed through a hundred 2- pounders to catch 2 or 3 big ones. But most of the time, bigger bass like to hang alone, or at most in small schools known as wolf packs of a half dozen or fewer fellow big fish.

So if big bass isolate, how do we find them? The key is looking for cover that is also isolated. Isolated cover is the best indicator for where a big bass will be. This can look like dozens of different things: the only dock on a bank, a brush pile on a point, a flat with scattered stumps or boulders, a row of laydowns spread down a shoreline, a clump of lily pads and the list goes on. 

Bass love ambush points, little pieces of cover they can hunker down beside as they wait for prey to seek refuge in the same cover. As the unsuspecting crawfish,…

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