How to Catch Bluegill | MeatEater Fishing

How to Catch Bluegill | MeatEater Fishing
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They say that we need to enjoy the simple things in life. Well in the angling world, there isn’t another fish that’s more simple than bluegill. These small panfish are easy to find, will eat almost anything, and are one of the most populous fish in North America with a range that extends from southern Canada to northern Mexico. While there are certainly many more popular gamefish species out there, bluegill are unique because I don’t think there’s an angler out there who didn’t cut their teeth pulling a few gills out of a farm pond or slow-moving creek as a kid.

Almost all of us have caught at least a few bluegills over the years, but many anglers only know one or two ways to fish for them. Additionally, when most of those anglers aren’t having any luck catching bluegill with their usual methods, they simply shrug it off and move on to another species of panfish. However, if you’re as big of a bluegill fan as I am, you’ll want to be able to catch them throughout…

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