Healing Depression With Fishing: Watch ‘Live Your Adventure’

Healing Depression With Fishing: Watch ‘Live Your Adventure’
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One person has found a way to heal by returning to the past.

Rotating in and out of foster care with her sisters, Kayla Lockhart grew up with childhood difficulties. At age 24, Lockhart finally discovered she was suffering from anxiety and depression.

She also realized she needed to do something for her mental health.

“I needed to get back into fishing. That was the one time that I knew that I felt good,” Lockhart said. And after healing herself, Lockhart now mentors foster children through fly fishing with The Mayfly Project.

Lockhart’s story is the first in the ‘Live Your Adventure’ series, created with Brave Space Media and Eddie Bauer. Each of the five films in the series tells stories of healing for individuals who turned to outdoor recreation to uplift…

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