France lifts ban on Channel Island fishing boats

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In a statement on Monday night, the Government of Jersey said the Island would be giving recently licensed French vessels until 1 July to provide further evidence of their track record which is required to allow them to continue fishing in the Island’s waters.

‘It has been made clear that any outstanding evidence must be provided during this period,’ the statement added.

Days after matters came to a head with a high profile protest from French fishermen in Jersey’s harbour, the Environment Minister is expected to make a further announcement about postponing aspects of the licence conditions for French fishermen in the States on Tuesday.

The Government of Jersey has also sent its response on the latest fishing policy issues to the UK, which has in turn written to the European Commission.

And Jersey has confirmed that it remains open to considering a range of evidence of a qualifying fishing vessel’s track record, and that it will amend licences if further evidence is…

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