Florida Man Catches State Record Peacock Bass Breaking 28 Year Record

Florida fishing record Butterfly Peacock Bass
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iStockphoto / Jaimie Tuchman

  • A Florida angler landed a new state record Peacock Bass while fishing in Broward County
  • The 9.11-pound state fishing record Peacock Bass weighed 9.11 pounds and it just barely edged the previous record of 9.08-pounds which has stood since 1993
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One of my biggest shortcomings as a born-and-raised Floridian who lives for fishing is that I’ve never caught a Peacock Bass.

These fish can be found throughout South Florida in canals and lakes. An angler’s best chance to catch one would be the greater Miami area but they’ve also jumped over to Naples and Ft. Myers area. And one of my neighbors recently confided in me that he saw one in a nearby lake (I’m not naming it) so these fish are moving north as well.

Florida angler Felipe Prieto is now the proud owner of a new Florida state fishing record after catching a 9.11-pound Butterfly Peacock Bass. The previous state record for Butterfly Peacock Bass was 9.08 pounds…

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