Elvis Costello shares Spanish version of ‘This Year’s Girl’

Elvis Costello shares Spanish version of 'This Year's Girl'
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Question: what do you do if you are Elvis Costello, the eternally acclaimed English singer-songwriter now going on his fifth decade of music, and you want to keep things fresh? Buy a new sports car? Maybe pick up a new hobby, like Baccarat or fly fishing? Record a new album of original material?

Of course not! The answer, quite obviously, is to record an entire Spanish-language version of one of your most acclaimed albums, This Year’s Model. That’s precisely what Costello is doing, and today we got a new taste of the record via ‘La Chica De Hoy’, the Spanish version of ‘This Year’s Girl’, sung by Chilean singer-songwriter Cami Silva.

The new recording takes great pains to replicate the sprightly energy and elastic punk of the original, with slightly increased fidelity to make it touch more modern. Cami doesn’t quite have the gnarled and nasally bark of Costello, but she gives a wonderfully snide performance herself.

For the record, Costello put out an original LP of…

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