Discover The Largest Bigmouth Buffalo Ever Caught in Missouri

Discover The Largest Bigmouth Buffalo Ever Caught in Missouri
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Bigmouth buffalo are part of the suckerfish family and have adapted to feed in murky waters. Their mouths are slanted downward, which allows them to easily feed at the bottom of their preferred waterways. Fishermen use traditional hook-and-line fishing methods along with alternative fishing methods to catch these dark-colored fish.

The bigmouth buffalo is vulnerable and in decline.

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What is a Bigmouth Buffalo?

Native to North America, bigmouth buffalos are characterized by their dark coloration and thick bodies. They’re a bit black and a bit brown with slivers of deep green and copper. Their dorsal fins are long and curved. Their eyes sit close to their snouts, small, just above their slanted mouths. The lower fins are a bit darker than their bodies, except for their bellies which are the brightest part of the fish, usually a yellowish/white color.

On average, these fish grow between 15 and 27 inches and may weigh between…

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