Details Behind Mysterious Idaho Bass Record Finally Emerge

details mysterious idaho bass record
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A mysterious Idaho fishing record has been authenticated, thanks to some sleuthing by podcasters Ken Duke and Terry Battisti and additional research by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. Some details behind the 75-year-old largemouth bass record have finally come to light, including the year the lunker was landed and the name of the woman who caught it.

A press release from IDFG gives the basics behind the vindicated bass record, but most of the credit for the discovery goes to Duke and Battisti. The two anglers dove deep into the history behind the record in a recent episode of The Big Bass Podcast.

They were drawn to the mysterious record because of the scant details surrounding it. The 10-pound 15-ounce largemouth has been on Idaho’s list of state-record fish for decades. However, aside from the location where it was caught, Anderson Lake, the only other information about it was the record…

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