Connecticut Angler Surprised to Catch a Record-Sized Cobia

John Bertolasio
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When Connecticut angler John Bertolasio hooked into a pending state-record cobia earlier this week, he thought it was a shark at first. While the species’ range stretches all the way from Canada to Argentina, cobia aren’t typically caught in Long Island Sound. They are much more common in southeastern waters.

“Congrats to John Bertolasio for his amazing catch of species of fish that is normally found in waters far south from here,” the Connecticut Department of Fish and Wildlife wrote in a Facebook post. The department added that encounters with cobia in Long Island Sound are becoming more frequent these days due to climate change.

Bertolasio’s cobia weighed 44 pounds and measured 56 inches in length, according to CDFW. While the fish has to be officially weighed before it can be certified, it should easily beat out the current state record—an 18-pounder caught in 2008.

Bertolasio was using dead eel as bait when the fish hit. He fought it for…

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