Colorado Man Breaks Brook Trout Fishing Record That’s Stood Since 1947

Colorado Man Breaks Fishing Record That's Stood Since 1947 With A Gargantuan Brook Trout
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A Colorado man just fished his way into the record books after landing the Brook Trout of a lifetime. Angler Tim Daniel of Granby caught a record-setting Brook Trout at the end of May that broke a state fishing record that has stood since 1947. And the Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) agency just sent out a press release announcing his catch as official.

I grew up fishing for brook trout in the Adirondack Mountains in Upstate New York. The New York State fishing record for brook trout is a 6 lb. 0 oz. fish caught in 2013 in the same county as where my family’s lake house is. So there are big brook trout around, to be sure.

The thing is, I’ve never caught or seen the big ones. Any of the brookies I’ve caught were tiny. We’re talking small streams with small fish caught on lightweight fly rods. And they are still the most gorgeous fish on planet earth, in my humble opinion. I simply cannot imagine reeling in a record-setting brook trout as big…

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