Can you spot the mountain lion stalking the elk

Can you spot the mountain lion stalking the elk
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Travel Guide Book on Saturday shared an image showing the hind portion of an elk and, somewhere in the arroyo, a predatory mountain lion.

Research reveals that the image was captured by a motion-sensor trail camera in October 2019 as part of an arroyo restoration project in New Mexico’s Rio Mora National Wildlife Refuge.

Rio Mora shared the image as a quiz for its Facebook followers in July 2020. It’s a difficult quiz and the answer is provided near the bottom of this post.

A common theme in the Travel Guide Book comments section: “It took a while.”

Can you spot the mountain lion?

Several Rio Mora followers struggled to locate the mountain lion and one used a magnifying glass to achieve success.

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Understandable, considering that mountain lions, or cougars, are ambush predators that rely on stealth to catch prey.

Rio Mora, a week after its original post, shared more images captured by the same camera during a…

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