Boulder City Bass Club Competes Nationally

Boulder City Bass Club Competes Nationally
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Back in 2017 Corey Williams started a youth bass fishing club because he wanted to teach his kids to love the sport as much as he did. Now, there is a whole group of kids with clubs in both our high school and middle schools! The added bonus too, is that now with our own local store, Boulder City BASS Boats and Tackle (1504 Boulder City Pkwy.), there’s a hub for these kids and adult enthusiasts to gather!

What is more, this year they competed in bass fishing competitions in Nevada and also in the National Championship this summer. They placed 25th out of 52 teams from 39 states and also Canada. The team (below) includes Robert Skerston, Rylan Garrett and Nicolas Skerston.

While these teams are not your typical school sports teams, that doesn’t mean they can’t be important. Bass fishing among junior high and high school students has exploded in the last decade, particularly since the pandemic. More and more people are learning to fish and children are among the…

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