Albury: The Year of the Cat | Commentary

Albury: The Year of the Cat | Commentary
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The Chinese Zodiac assigns various animals to represent calendar years. Based on news stories of people breaking competition rules during the past 12 months, it might be appropriate to designate 2021 the year of the Cheetah.

Let’s start with a tale of card playing. Contract bridge is a game enjoyed by our parents and their friends in the ’60s and ’70s while we were outside jousting with sharpened sticks, having rock fights and playing in traffic.

Bridge has evolved from a casual game to a competitive sport with organized leagues, a national association and even a professional level. Contract bridge is played by partners sitting opposite each other working together to score points based on the cards in their hands. If a player knows what his or her teammate has, the duo gains a huge advantage over the competition. Back in the day, flares, smoke signals and the use of semaphore were all banned from the game, and cheating was almost nonexistent.

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