A Look Back at 2021

A Look Back at 2021
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From fire chiefs who cook, to priests who sail the skies, to the Christmas carols that test the patience.

Trying to select the most memorable Spirit of Acadiana segments from 2021 is a tough, tough task, because it’s kind of like deciding which child is your favorite…You know, she is…And…he is….But I’ve tried… and pared it down to a FEW of my favorites….

First there’s Al Roger…. A Carencro man who lost his arm in a farming accident… but didn’t quit… and found a way not only to keep working… but also to keep drumming…. That’s right, he’s a drummer…

“you feel like you’re out, but if you don’t give up, there’s always a way. And there’s always somebody to help you.” Al Roger told us.

How about Father Dan, the skydiving priest? Challenges as a young man, health challenges this year, which led to his passing away a couple months ago.

But in between? Father Dan jumped out of planes and was inspired by both devotions

When asked if being a skydiver made him a better…

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