17th annual Buddy Bass Fishing Tournament a success

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Apr. 11—CORBIN — Knox County UNITE hosted their 17th annual Buddy Bass Fishing Tournament on Saturday, March 25, at Laurel Lake, Grove Marina.

The morning began with warmer temperatures than usual. More than 80 registrants enjoyed a beautiful day of windy fishing while supporting Knox County UNITE. The mission is to implement youth activities and education in hopes of keeping our youth from misusing drugs.

The winners of the day were as follows:

Total Weight

1st Place — 18.60 lbs. — Ryan Phillips and Dylan Adams

2nd Place — 16.90 lbs. — Terry Ledford and John Detherage

3rd Place — 16.40 lbs.- James Miracle and Lance Smith

4th Place — 16.40 — Nick Yeager and Cole Hicks

5th Place — 15.40 — Nick Boggs and Chester Wooten

6th Place — 14.10 — John Smith and Corey Snyder

7th Place — 14.00 — Hobart Boggs and Tanner Boggs

8th Place — 13.30 — Blake Marcum and Talmadge Marcum

9th Place — 12.30 — David Wilson and Joe Wilson

10th Place — 12.13 — Treston Cobb and…

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