1,145-Pound Blue Marlin Shatters All Gulf of Mexico State Records

Giant marlin breaks standing state records.
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The 12-foot fish took two hours to boat after it was hooked near an oil rig

Giant marlin breaks standing state records.

The blue marlin was weighed on official scales Thursday. Orange Beach Marina / Facebook

Houston, Texas angler Scooter Anderson was fishing aboard the Alabama-based, 55-foot Viking offshore boat Best Trait when he caught the largest blue marlin ever recorded in the Gulf of Mexico.

Anderson landed the marlin during a two-day overnight fishing trip, according to Jimmy Bason, harbor master at Orange Beach Marina in Alabama. Bason officially weighed and measured the marlin on Thursday morning after the Best Trait arrived in the marina, as was originally reported on OBA.

“The fish hit a small live tuna bait, and Scooter fought the fish for two hours before they got it to the boat,” Bason tells Outdoor Life. “They were fishing near the Blind Faith oil rig, about 120 miles from Orange Beach in…

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