World Record Blackfin Tuna Caught During Miami Dolphins Event

blackfin tuna fishing up close
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iStockphoto / chaney1

Jimmy Johnson and the Miami Dolphins held the 25th annual Fins Weekend this past weekend and this year’s fishing tournament made history when angler Bob Kowalski reeled in an IGFA fishing world record for blackfin tuna.

The previous IGFA fishing world record for blackfin tuna was a 49 pound, 6 ounce fish caught in nearby Marathon in the Florida Keys by angler Matthew E. Pullen back in 2006.

This new world record blackfin tuna was caught by angler Bob Kowalksi and was certified by a biologist at 50.1-pounds and is now pending IGFA world record, assuming all the paperwork is being filed. For context, the average blackfin tuna caught in Florida weighs only about 7 pounds and while delicious, at that size they often make great marlin bait. A video made the rounds of this incredible fish:

Angler Bob Kowalski who caught the record-setting blackfin tuna was fishing with the Sinnick Family onboard the Miss Britt 34 Express. All of the boats left out of Regatta…

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