Winnsboro community remembers angler who died after weigh-in

Winnsboro community remembers angler who died after weigh-in
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WINNSBORO, Texas — Fishermen groups from across the Lone Star State are coming together to support the family of Kale Robinson, a young East Texas angler who passed away from the weekend. 

The Winnsboro High School junior died suddenly after a fish weigh-in over the weekend at a tournament. 

“He grew up racing go carts and his grandad and dad were catfish fishermen,” Winnsboro Fishing Team President Terry Hayley said. 

Robinson spent most of his childhood on a boat doing what he loved the most – fishing. 

“He’s an avid fisherman. He lived and breathed it and that’s what he wanted to do.” Hayley said. “When he found out about high school fishing, he told his dad when he was in junior high school, ‘I gotta to learn how to bass fish ‘cause when I get in high school I wanna be on the fishing team.”

Hayley said fishing was more than just a hobby for Robinson, it was his passion. This past Saturday, Kale caught his best stringer ever. 

“At 22 plus pounds and he had his…

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