Why is Burnout So Common in Bass Fishing?

Why is Burnout So Common in Bass Fishing?
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To be clear, the major professional tournament leagues do a great job at providing quality and honest television coverage of their tournaments; I’m not talking or hinting about that whatsoever. But as a friend of mine brought up a few days ago, let’s examine what we really see when we turn on professional fishing on a Saturday morning. 

First of all, the fields are big and there are a bunch of people fishing these tournaments. But you have to remember that the camera crews are only with the guys who are really catching ‘em in the tournament. So as folks sit there, eat their cereal and drink their coffee without much context behind what they’re watching, tournament bass fishing looks like a heck of a time. Folks are catching them, you see lots of hooksets and life is good. It looks like the dream hobby and the best way in the world to make a living. 

What we don’t see, however, is the rest of the field that’s simply not catching…

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