Who says I don’t know how to trout fish? | Opinion

Who says I don't know how to trout fish? | Opinion
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What I want to discuss this week is trout. Now you might think trout is an awful funny subject for a column about the public library, but as a child I loved to go trout fishing in my grandmother’s brook in Litchfield County, Connecticut. And I learned how to fish for trout reading books about it at the public library.

One day at work I told my boss, Sam, that I was going to write one of my columns on trout fishing. I was very excited to tell him because he likes to trout fish, so I thought it would interest him. My boss looked down at me and smirking, said, “And just what do you know about trout fishing?” Well, I’ll tell ya that went all through me, yes, indeed, it certainly did. I might be the library girl, but that doesn’t mean I do not have a good fishing record.

My father, who passed away in January, was an avid and accomplished outdoorsman; fishing, cliff-climbing, hiking, canoeing … you name it and he could do it well. He determined…

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