Watch: Armed Alabama Man Charged for Harassing Anglers

alabama man waves gun at anglers
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A homeowner wielding a pump-action and the 10th Commandment was charged after an altercation with anglers who turned around near his dock

alabama man waves gun at anglers

Morgan flips off the anglers with one hand while cradling a pump-action shotgun with another. He later turned himself in to the authorities. Facebook / Chris Pope, Alabama Bass Trail Tournament Series

The Fishers of Men National Tournament Trail is supposed to be about catching bass and loving thy neighbor. But things turned sour on Millers Ferry Reservoir near Camden, Alabama, when Chris Pope and Craig Hamilton turned their boat around near Ronald Morgan’s two-story, multi-slip dock. The March 18 incident resulted in two misdemeanor charges last week for Morgan, who confronted Pope and Hamilton with a shotgun, Wired2Fish reports.

In the video, Morgan, 66, stands on the dock with a pump-action shotgun and a bad attitude. He accuses the anglers of trespassing and breaking the 10th Commandment of “Thou shall not…

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