Warning of ‘more violent’ protests in fishing row

Picture: JON GUEGAN. (31733653)
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Picture: JON GUEGAN. (31733653)

Speaking during a Normandy-Channel Islands summit press conference yesterday, Jean Morin said he had expressed ‘serious concern’ to his Jersey counterparts over the possibility of more action in St Helier Harbour and said solutions needed to be found ‘quickly’.

But he said significant progress was now expected and he appeared to encourage Jersey ministers when he said: ‘I can see our friends in the Channel Islands are making every effort to address the situation in the terms in which we have put it’.

He added: ‘I have voiced my concern this morning about the agitation in the fishing industry particularly in La Manche and Normandy. A demonstration was taking place in Cherbourg today and these are more assertive.’

Making reference to the previous demonstration in the spring when dozens of boats blockaded the harbour, he said: ‘I did express my concern in a previous video conference to my Channel Islands colleagues that if there was a…

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