Utah man’s ‘eye-popping’ catch breaks Idaho fishing record

Utah man's 'eye-popping' catch breaks Idaho fishing record
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EAGLE MOUNTAIN — Greg Poulsen jokes that he usually catches the smallest fish when he’s fishing with family and friends.

That all changed earlier this month. The Utah man placed himself in the Idaho fishing record books with an “eye-popping” catch, according to Idaho wildlife officials. Poulsen, of Eagle Mountain, caught a sturgeon that measured 10 feet, 4 inches (124 inches) in length while fishing at C.J. Strike Reservoir in southwest Idaho on Aug. 5, Idaho Fish and Game officials confirmed on Friday. The previous record was an 119.5-inch fish caught in 2019.

“I got really lucky this time,” he joked, in an interview with KSL-TV on Tuesday.

Paulsen said he and his family traveled to the reservoir with a guide, expecting to catch fish up to 5 or 6 feet. Then, he caught something that felt much larger.

“It (felt) like you’re reeling a refrigerator up off the bottom of the river,” he said, recalling the tale. “As…

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