U.S. Open Moved from Lake Mead Due to Water Levels

us open moves to mojave from mead due to low water levels
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After 39 consecutive WON BASS U.S. Opens held at Lake Mead, the 2022 installment of the event is shifting to Katherine Landing at Lake Mohave due to historically low water levels at Mead. With boat launching conditions at Mead currently rated as poor and with all predictions forecasting even more dire conditions coming this fall, WON BASS tournament director Billy Egan officially made the decision this week to move the prestigious event to Mohave.

“It was a tough call and one that I’d hoped to never have to make, but at this point it was the only call to be made,” Egan said of the move to Mohave. “It’s just a really tough situation at Lake Mead right now as most people are aware, and the conditions simply won’t be feasible in October to successfully put on such an important event of this size and scope.

“That being said, after putting on our first and highly successful WON BASS…

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