The Latest IGFA World Records

IGFA record filefish
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October’s newly certified world records by the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) has a wide array of fish species that have bettered the best of some records tallied by the Florida-based organization.

Many of the fish were caught earlier this year, because approval by IGFA takes time. The agency may have to verify fish lengths, weights, certification, and witness procedures, plus lines and leaders also must be tested and verified by the organization for some records.

It can be a lengthy process, but a necessary one to maintain the high standards of the organization for recognizing new world records.

The new record redtail catfish from Brazil.
Courtesy IGFA

Redtail Catfish

Last Aug. 12 angler Antonia Molinari landed a huge redtail catfish (pirarara) in Brazil’s Xingu River to set an IGFA length record for the species at 54.72 inches. He caught the fish using live bait and…

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