Rut Fresh Report: 11/3/2022 | MeatEater Wired To Hunt

Rut Fresh Report: 11/3/2022 | MeatEater Wired To Hunt
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Every week this fall, I’ll be providing updates on whitetail buck movement for the entire country. These reports are based on intel from whitetailers in each region and my own observations as a traveling deer hunter. For more info like this, subscribe to the Rut Fresh Radio Podcast and Whitetail Weekly Newsletter. Rut Fresh Reports are powered by onX.

This is it—the rut is here. If you whitetail hunt in the East, Midwest, or West, these next couple of days will be the best of the season. Don’t want to take my word for it? Three years ago, I asked 10 of the best big buck killers I know what their favorite day of the rut is. November 7 was the most popular answer, and 70% of respondents picked a day between November 7 and November 10.

During this stage of the rut you can ignore almost all outside factors. Temperature, barometric pressure, precipitation, and moon phase be damned; nothing will deter bucks from moving this week. The most important thing is that you’re in the…

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